Her Starting Point

I’ve decided to start a blog.

I’m not fluent in English so I hope you’ll still bare with me though haha. Anyways one of the reason why I blog is because I wanted to improve my English and the way I express my thoughts about the things that are happening around me and I wanted to see how my life goes from time to time.

I already had a blog on tumblr before this and I’m still into it until now. Recently my blog reached 600+ followers and honestly I felt overwhelmed about it. And the fact that my blog just randomly talks about my nonsense and not-so-interesting-life and weird dramas, I never thought some people would still be following and reading my entries. Blogging wasn’t really the only thing that I want to do in life but the idea of blogging is really haunting me and every day I get to be more and more excited just by thinking about it. I really love to write even though I’m really not that good at words. But I’ll take that as a good start. Blogging really helps me connect with other brilliant bloggers and get inspired by their stories and entries.

Telling more about myself, I’m a pure Filipina currently residing at Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines. I came from the beautiful Island of Biliran located at Leyte, Philippines. I’m 19 years of age currently taking up Marketing Management under the Department of Business Administration at St. Vincent’s College Incorporated.

So talking about my education, summer vacation doesn’t really sound good to me because I spent my whole summer days taking up four classes a day plus doing an extra life fulfilling my responsibilities and duties as a working student. But luckily, I still survived. I’m coming third year this semester and the thought of it really makes me feel excited and I can’t wait to meet everyone at school again. It sounds like it’s going to be more challenging this time knowing the fact that I’m planning to make a big change out of my studies and my life.

It took a lot of time and efforts battling and fighting with all my life before I came up to where I am now. I really appreciate how people see the good change in me. I can really say that I’m way better now than long time ago. I’ve changed in a lot of ways and I’m very thankful to the challenges and trials that I surpassed and to the people whom I came to meet up with along the way. They totally make a big contribution on changing my life.

But that’s not the end of the story yet, this is just the beginning of facing the real future ahead of me. So yeah let’s go back to why I’ve decided to try and have a go at this blog. This is the place where I’m allowed to say whatever I want, when I want, and how I want. I’m not going to brag about this to any of my friends, my family or my cats. I hope you enjoy this blog and I will see you soon!

Angelica xxx


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